Welcome to the Victoria College Foundation. Here you can learn more about Victoria College's vital role in our community and how a gift to the Foundation makes a difference in the lives of Victoria College students.

     For Amber, it was the determination to be a first generation college student; for Anthony, it was fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a nurse. And, for Maria, it was taking a hopeless lifestyle and transforming it into a home to sleep in every night and a job she loves. Victoria College literally has thousands of similar student stories every year. Each one strives for something more – a career, an opportunity, a means to support their family. The Victoria College Foundation, through the generosity of our amazing donors, is here to support these students on their paths to success.

  • News | AEP Texas Manager values skills gained at Victoria College

    AEP Texas manager chose Victoria College because of its affordability and proximity to home.

  • News | VC - Named Great College to Work For

    For the second year in a row, Victoria College was named a Great College to Work For